Why Us?

Why is Internal Communication Important?

Because your organization’s profitability depends on it

Safety and compliance teams manage risk on a daily basis. They ensure employees don’t get hurt, reputations aren’t damaged, and the bottom line isn’t impacted.

A successful internal communication program builds on the risk-based management approach at your organization and implements smooth, sustainable change management that keeps your organization’s environment healthy and profitability steady. Strong programs are more than employee engagement initiatives, though. They are truly transformative.

Here’s what you build:

  • Community/Culture
  • Clear, consistent messaging from The Top down
  • Leadership and employees connecting to each other
  • Leadership and employees connecting to organizational initiatives
  • Employees who know their customers
  • Happy, effective, productive employees

Why Choose Us?

We know what to look for and how to fix it. Our fresh, expert perspective identifies communication weaknesses and gaps. Our expertise in implementation takes your leadership’s vision and creates a program where that vision is not only realized but also pays dividends.

We work with you to build an internal communication program that engages stakeholders, mitigates risk and improves your organization’s performances. Connect with us and let us make your project our next success story.


Jenobi was founded in 1996. We got our start creating multimedia materials for training and marketing purposes. This included fashioning custom eLearning modules, which became a large percentage of the total work we produced for organizations.

During the first 9 years of working with our clients, we began to realize that there was a great need for internal communication strategies and programs to address employee audiences. In 2005, this revelation led us to devote our entire agency to internal communications. This commitment has allowed us to specialize our knowledge and build broad and deep expertise in this specific discipline.