[cv_section id=”” color_scheme=”main” bg_source=”default” bg_preset_pattern=”green_cup” bg_color=”” bg_image=”” bg_style=”cover” bg_attachment=”scroll” bg_video_fallback=”” bg_video_webm=”” bg_video_ogv=”” bg_video_mp4=”” bg_scrolling=”none” bg_scrolling_speed=”normal” overlay_opacity=”none” overlay_color=”” sidebar_layout=”no-sidebar” sidebar=”sidebar” parallax=”false” min_height=”none” stretched=”false” border_top=”none” border_bottom=”none” padding_top=”normal” padding_bottom=”normal” visibility=”all” forced_height=”” class=””][cv_row entrance=”none” visibility=”all”][cv_header_stack align=”center” color=”” entrance=”none” margin=”0″ min=”” max=”” multiplier=””][cv_header_stack_line source=”text” tag=”h3″ style=”none” text=”Questions & Answers” weight=”default” icon=”mail-1″ size_adjustment=”1″ opacity=”1″][/cv_header_stack][cv_spacer size=”medium” custom=””][cv_text_block]We know you probably have more questions, so we’re here to answer a few FAQs.[/cv_text_block][cv_spacer size=”small” custom=””][cv_toggle_group first_open=”true” allow_multi=”true” spacing=”true”][cv_toggle title=”When should we leverage eLearning?” tags=””]Educating a global audience on a range of topics can be a challenge. Conventional in-person training is often not sustainable or cost effective. One effective way is to leverage online training and eLearning.[/cv_toggle][cv_toggle title=”What happens if I don’t have any content to work with?” tags=””]Many companies come to us to create content on their behalf. We work with subject matter experts to create content that improves performance.[/cv_toggle][cv_toggle title=”Is your eLearning content available on mobile?” tags=””]Yes, content is accessible anytime, anywhere from laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets. It is also HTML5 compatible.[/cv_toggle][cv_toggle title=”Can we track engagement?” tags=””]A learning management system will do this for you. Our eLearning integrates all major systems to help track engagement and measure effectiveness.[/cv_toggle][cv_toggle title=”So, what is eLearning?” tags=””]Any presentations, videos or modules delivered online that educate and inform target audiences.[/cv_toggle][cv_toggle title=”How do I get started with Jenobi?” tags=””]Send us a message, give us a call or email us at info@jenobi.com.[/cv_toggle][/cv_toggle_group][/cv_row][/cv_section]