Informing on an Emerging Health Crisis (COVID-19)

How It Started

An international oilfield services company that employs approximately 100,000 people in more than 120 countries notices COVID-19 making headlines overseas. The company wants to inform its workforce about this situation.

Our Analysis and Decision-Making Criteria

Jenobi spoke with leadership to discover concerns and needs and identify objectives. We determined that one of the company’s objectives was to inform its workforce about personal safety and preventative measures to take against contracting COVID-19. Another objective was to guide its staff’s decision making regarding travel from locations where COVID-19 cases were reported and what to do when experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19.

Where We Landed

Jenobi recommended the development of digital signage, an eLearning module, infographics, posters, and email announcements to address the objectives. These deliverables provided the timely information and guidance that the company’s workforce needed to exercise personal safety and make decisions regarding different situations associated with the emerging health crisis.