4 Challenges of Training Millennial Employees

By 2020, Millennials will comprise almost 50% of the workforce. For organizations reluctant to change, this looming generational change creates new challenges.

This generation was born in a technology boom and has an astonishing ability to adapt to change. They are eager to create change, buck the status quo, and carve unique paths for themselves. One way or another, organizations will have to learn how to accommodate them.

12 Tips for Better Online Training

A daily flood of the latest content to read, watch, and peruse hits people from morning till night. Your online eLearning content must grab employee’s attention in this sea of content. It should be engaging to keep their attention, and be educational to provide real value. 

So how do you get employees interested in your online training content? Well, let’s look at a few things you can do.

Rapid, custom eLearning development

Jenobi crafts dynamic presentations that allows you to connect with your audience; either face-to-face or to a geographically diverse population.

We deliver your message consistently across multiple mediums for training, eLearning or communication purposes.